Julieda Aerodance: A Fitness Effort Of Best Friends

Last update: 28/04/2015

By Murni Nasri

KUALA LUMPUR, April 28 (Bernama) -- One had to undergo an operation due to a hole in her heart, while the other suffers kidney disease and has been going for dialysis treatment three times a week since 2008. Both were advised to exercise in addition to eating right by their respective doctors.

Best friends, Julie Azulie and Ida Kamaruddin, both in their forties, bonded over their health issues and that is how Julieda Aerodance took form. Julieda Aerodance has been organising nighttime exercises exclusively for women since Nov 2013.

"We started out by joining free aerobics classes organised by other people in early 2013 but most of the classes that we went to were co-ed classes. We didn't feel comfortable so we thought of having our own classes, only the two of us, with one small radio for music," said Julie to Bernama Lifestyle and Youth recently.

Julie and Ida, as they are known to friends, said they did not have professional background in fitness. Julieda Aerodance is purely passion fuelled by the need to exercise and live a healthier lifestyle, Julie said.

Sharing this idea with several friends, they were surprised many of them wanted to participate.


Julieda Aerodance started their nighttime exercise at MSN Keramat Sports Complex, Kuala Lumpur, doing 'poco-poco' with just a handful of friends, with the help of one certified instructor. The group then gained more followers among women who wanted fitness and a lot of fun.

"We had tremendous help from one special instructor, Herniwati Hadi. We are housewives with no means to support ourselves, when we started, Julieda needed a PA system to cater to growing participants, so Herniwati offered her help. We bought our PA system from her and paid monthly," reminisced Julie.

When the group expanded, they decided to rent out a bigger space, which they found at MSN Setiawangsa Sports Complex, said Julie. They added aerodance and Zumba to the exercises for variety.

"The women in our group really enjoy themselves at the new place (MSN Setiawangsa) and they prefer this place compared to the old one. We've been exercising here since August 2014," added Julie.

The classes are held three times a week for one hour starting at 8pm on Tuesdays (aerodance), Wednesdays (aerodance mix) and Friday (zumba) and among the instructors are Herniwati Hadi, Azie Hadif, Roslita Aida Rahim Williams, Sutini Sumanan, Noorriza Basri, Raja Badariah Cheq and Rodzy Zainal. Women from all walks of life can join these classes with very minimal fee, collected before the classes start.


This writer got to know about Julieda's classes from colleagues and after much persuasion decided to give it a go on a Friday.

She was amazed by the number of purple clad women who turned up, young and old, who seemed eager to start. According to Ida, Julieda hosts about 200 women per night since they started the sessions at MSN Setiawangsa.

The one-hour long session, power-packed with some challenging moves produced an immense amount of sweat for this writer and her colleagues that night.

The best thing was, all 200 of the women, had the best fun that night and they left the complex all happy and satisfied.