Cuppa Halwa Offers Delectable Range of Italian Ice Cream

Last update: 01/04/2015

By Nor Azlina Sani

KUALA LUMPUR, April 1 (Bernama) -- During the hot and humid days, many people prefer to cool off with ice cream, which for generations have been a favourite warm weather dessert and snack.

But if you are looking for a taste of Italian, try Cuppa Halwa at Wangsa Walk in Wangsa Maju, as its delectable range of ice cream is sure to please your palate.

Its owner Dr Noohul Basheer said, the ingredients in the ice cream are halal with pure flavour extracts.

"For example, in producing strawberry ice cream, we use strawberry fruits to retain its flavour," he told Bernama Lifestyle and Youth after the official launch of the outlet recently. Eighteen orphans were also treated to its wide range of ice cream.

What's special about our ice cream is that we use fresh milk and less sugar, which is suitable for health-conscious customers," he said.


As an attraction, Cuppa Halwa also sells baby products under its roof, amid a cool and relaxed ambience, said Dr Noohul.

Cookies and Cream and White Chocolate Sensation waffle are popular among his customers.

Its White Chocolate Sensation Waffle is served hot together with banana slices and white Belgian chocolate, and customers can pick their own ice cream flavour.

Cuppa Halwa offers 12 types of ice cream flavour, waffle, Italian premium coffee and dessert for as low as RM6.90.

A customer Noor Shamimi Hazika, 22, said Cuppa Halwa ice cream is tasty and is less sweet.

"Its flavour is rather different from the ones I have tasted before, and what's important it is less sweet. I will surely invite my friends to have a taste of ice cream here," she said.