Akustika Cinta Ummah: By Youths For Youths

Last update: 29/01/2015

By Murni Nasri

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 29 (Bernama) -- Akustika Cinta Ummah, a performance held last Saturday, in conjunction with the Maulidur Rasul celebration, was solely organised by the youths of the Sri Pahang residential area, Bukit Bangsar.

“The concert is the initiative of the Youths of Sri Pahang, Bukit Bangsar and it transcends political beliefs and parties. They come together in the name of ummah,” said the Executive Producer of Akustika Cinta Ummah, Jef Hazimin Jaafar.

Jef, who also grew up in the area said the performers were residents or used to be residents there and they came together for the concert to show their appreciations to the people of Sri Pahang.

He said the concert was inspired by the love that the Prophet Muhammad had for his ummah.

The performers included Shahrul Effendy or popularly known as Atan 6ixth Sense, who acted as the musical director for Akustika Cinta Ummah, his project band Sakura Band, Amy Kongo (guitar), Bad (drummer), Lomax Kris (bassist) as well as the rest of pop group 6ixth Sense, Adi, Ayoi and Safwan, Bangsarboyz Reunion, BBKB, Laskar Purnama and a dee jay for international events, DJ Bard Coupe.


According to Jef, youths at the residential area, made up most of the crew members and they worked hard to ensure the smooth running of the concert since day one, organising and looking for sponsors for the concert.

Working together, they managed to get sponsors from Promedia Production and Services, Wendy Burgers, Jef N Co, Loonaq Records, Bukit Bandaraya Petronas Station as well as supports from the Department of Special Affairs (JASA) and kind individuals.

The initiative is also supported by the Seri Pahang Residents’ Association and Surau Madrasatul Makmuriah, Bukit Bangsar.

Making its debut in 2013, this is the third year for the concert. The theme for the first year was Qasidah Ya Hanana meanwhile in 2014 it was Laskar Purnama (the moon’s soldiers).

Jef said plans were afoot to take this event further by going on a road tour to all flats and People’s Housing Projects (PPRs) in order to unearth the talents of the many youths residing in the areas and to inspire them to focus their time and energy in creative and positive ventures.

They welcome government’s as well as corporate’s participation in the road tour.

Present at the concert were Deputy Director General of JASA Datuk Abu Talib Harun, Mohd Muqarrabin Mokhataruddin, the president of Kelab Eksplorasi 7 Benua Malaysia (K7EB), Syed Mohd Khusyairi, the president of Gerakan Integrasi Malaysia and representatives from PERKIM, Bangsar.

Jef can be contacted at 019 3716121 or namakujepptv@gmail.com.