Amat Jus Segar Is More Than Just Juice

Last update: 25/12/2014

By Muhammad Hafiizh Alias

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 25 (Bernama) --When craving for fruit juices people always think of orange or apple juice as the only options.

However these two options would seem typical at Amat Jus Segar Enterprise because you can have more than 30 types of fruit juices including sapodilla (‘ciku’), plum, banana, pear, pennywort (‘pegaga’) and avocado among others. Exotic seasonal fruits such as durian and mangosteen have their own sets of fans.

In order to fulfil its customers’ needs, Amat Jus Segar serves juices extracted from local as well as imported fruits. The juices are pure extracts of these fruits, which make them the more delicious. The prices are affordable for everyone from all walks of life. A standard glass costs only RM2.50 and a large, tall mug costs about RM5.00.

Other than juices, Amat Jus Segar also serves typical Malaysian food menu including tom yam, fried rice, ‘keropok lekor’, grilled tofu, satay and many more. The Three Wives Juice or ‘Air Madu 3’ and mixed drinks are the restaurant’s best sellers. ‘Air Madu 3’ is a combination of dragon fruit, honeydew and mango. Sometimes customers would request guava juice instead of honeydew.

Whereas mixed drinks is the combination of any fruits as requested by customers where they can choose from three different fruits up to as many fruits as they can stomach for their mixed drinks.


Amat Jus Segar Enterprise’s owner is Muhamad Sidek who has been running the business for almost 21 years.

Muhamad, who is a former government servant, started selling typical drinks and fresh cut fruits in 1993.

He also did some odd jobs such as providing plumbing services and cutting trees in order to support himself.

When he retired from the service, the business expanded and now Amat Jus Segar Enterprise has a strong following.

This restaurant’s operation hour starts from 5:00 pm until 2:00 am and is located at No. 3X, Jalan Keramat, Dato’ Keramat, 54000 Kuala Lumpur. For more enquiries contact Amat Jus Segar Enterprise at 0133023349.

Unique Theme

Muhamad is also an antique collector, which makes the restaurant unique. Most of his collections are placed in the restaurant for customers to enjoy.

Some of the items in his collection are old newspapers that were published before ‘Merdeka’, first day cover stamps, large keris imported from Jogjakarta, Coca-Cola bottles and much more.

Customers can also feast their eyes with the pictures hung on the wall of kings of Malaysia, Malaysian prime ministers, Kuala Lumpur mayors and many such photos.

"This restaurant is not only for eating and drinking. You can also find useful information that we provide here," said Muhamad.