Challenges Of Being A Film Director in Malaysia

Last update: 08/12/2014

By Hidayah Nazri and Muhammad Hafiizh Alias

CYBERJAYA, Dec 8 (Bernama) -- Working around the budget allocation is the biggest challenge a director faces when making a film, according to Mohd Ghazali Abu Bakar or more popularly known as Ghaz, the Managing Director and also the founder of The Media Hustler Sdn Bhd.

Ghaz said this in a talk ‘Cabaran Menjadi Seorang Pengarah’ organised in conjunction with the 11th Malaysian Student Film Festival (FFP11) held at the Multimedia University (MMU) recently.

“They always talk about the quality, shots, lighting and cinematography. In order to get that, you need to hire experts to do it. When you think you have comfortable budgets, you still need to deal with the money,” said Ghaz.

Ghaz who graduated from the university with a Bachelor of Sc. (Hons) in Film and Animation is widely known for directing and producing music videos by popular artistes such as Alyah (Kisah Hati), Najwa (Got To Go) and The Fabulous Cats (Cinta Kosmik).

The young director has also directed films namely Hantu Kapcai, Tokan, Cicakman and another two films yet to be released, Suami Aku Ustaz and Polis Evo.

A good director needs passion and a sound foundation in filming and editing, Ghaz, whose idol is Mark Romanek, the award winning American director, shared in the two-hour session. “When you write your own masterpiece, you can control the production,” he told the audience.

When asked about his best work, Ghaz chose a music video by the Malaysian band, Nitrus entitled ‘Cinta’ which he produced with the budget of around RM7000 only.

The 11th Malaysian Student Film Festival (FFP11) was held at MMU, Cyberjaya from Nov 20 until Nov 22, 2014. This annual event was organised by Perbadanan Kemajuan Nasional (Finas) aimed at discovering new talents among students.