Wudhu’ Friendly Attire Is IDL’s Priority

Last update: 25/11/2014

By Murni Nasri

JOHOR BAHARU, Nov 25 (Bernama) -- Hijabi women now have more options than before when it comes to choosing the right attire for the right occasion because with just a click on the mouse or the swipe of a finger they can purchase any dress of different shapes, sizes and colours that are shariah-compliant.

Gone were the days when women wearing hijab had to content themselves with only the baju kurung, the obvious (and only choice) for Muslim women.

One may argue that Islamic fashion’s rise to fame can be attributed to the new awareness among working Muslim women in the country who see no harm in following the latest fad as long as they remain covered.

Realising the potential of this basic need, Ielaz Dress Lab has make it compulsory for all their designs to be wudhu’ friendly.

"Muslim women nowadays want something with a little bit of glamour but convenient for them to perform the daily prayers. So we give them that. Our clothes are all wudhu’ friendly and shariah compliant and some are even nursing-friendly," Azyanzuhaila Hassan Basri or Azyan, the owner of Ielaz Dress Lab (IDL) told Bernama’s Lifestyle and Youth recently.

Customer Segment

IDL, which started as an online seller in 2012, offers high quality collection of Islamic blouses and dresses that are shariah-compliant and affordable.

"Our customer segment is working women because they are the ones with strong purchasing power besides wanting to look presentable and fashionable," said Azyan.

Despite having a boutique in Kota Bharu, Azyan, who comes from Kelantan said, IDL was more focused on online sales and most of her customers were women from the cities.

These women, she said, were always on the go, had to juggle between work and family, so they did not have much time to do the conventional shopping. With little time that they have, they do not want to waste it stuck in traffic jams, said Azyan.

According to the 39-year-old entrepreneur who was trained as a mathematician, IDL’s customers come from all over Malaysia and also from Brunei who purchase on a wholesale basis.

Latest Trend

Asked on when and how these trends in Islamic fashion scene emerged, Azyan said : "It’s difficult to say really because it was from so many angles and came from so many sources. But women love fashion and naturally they want to look good and glamorous no matter what they are wearing.

This Islamic fashion trend I think started to gain grounds when there were so many celebrities who took the Islamic path. They started to wear the hijab on screen, while singing and in public and naturally their attire become more modest and decent. It catches on with the common public."

The latest craze, said Azyan, is the jubah dress, a combination of a jubah or abaya with that of a long dress. This style is becoming more popular for it can be worn in many occasions, saving more time and more money for the customers.

Women wearing the hijab, whose priority is preserving modesty, will not have any more problems in selecting the best and the latest attire to wear, she said.

She opined that the young and highly creative college students might initiate the trends in Islamic fashion scene because this age group, according to her is more daring in styling their appearance. Local designers just make the styles better and more presentable for public consumption.

Vision and Mission

On IDL’s vision, Azyan said: "IDL is still an infant compared to other big names in this industry but we envisage that it will be among the biggest manufacturers and dealers of Muslimah attire in Malaysia. We want to expand the business by opening more branches in Malaysia."

According to Azyan, she started small with IDL. The online boutique came about when friends wanted to buy the same dresses and blouses that she wore, which she bought online.

"Because of the good response from friends and customers, after only six months, we managed to set up a physical boutique in Kota Bharu.

Judging by the response that IDL received, the vision that it has set is not impossible, she said.

"We are committed to design and produce shariah compliant attire that are able to attract and encourage women to cover their aurah accordingly and we strive to provide comfortable and fashionable attire for Muslim women," said Azyan.