Chef Wan Shares Recipes Using Margarine

Last update: 12/11/2014

By Nurul Halawati Azhari

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- Malaysian celebrity chef Redzuawan Ismail, better known as Chef Wan, is known for his cooking as well as his witty chatter.

He held quite a crowd during a cooking demonstration at a hypermarket recently, where he shared his recipes using Amor margarine.

Chef Wan, who is ambassador of the product, shared 12 exclusive recipes during the demonstration that were tried and tested in his "cooking lab". The recipes will be featured on Amors's 2015 calendar.

The internationally renowned chef also displayed his ability to innovate well-loved recipes through fusion cuisines, such as the Rolled Kway Teow Lasagne.


Never the one to keep recipes and cooking tips to himself, Chef Wan also made the recipes available on Facebook and YouTube.

"When I was tasked to create recipes using the margarine, I took it a fun and interesting challenge.

"As a chef, I appreciate the opportunity to showcase my creativity in creating new recipes. Good food is a real treat to our senses", he said.

His cheerful demeanor has also created for him a large and diverse fanbase.

For Masitah Ahmad, it was the first time she had witnessed the chef cooking live and tasted his dish.

The 51-year-old often follows the television shows hosted by Chef Wan.

"It was entertaining watching him cook. I enjoyed the "Ayam Seri Wangi Bermadu. You can taste the kaffir lime used as smell its fragrant aroma".

Meanwhile, Patricia Lee, 34, came all the way to the hypermarket to meet with her culinary idol of 10 years.

While other fans asked Chef Wan to sign on their calendar, she asked him to sign her mobile phone cover.

"I have often tried Chef Wan's recipes because they are simple and easy to follow. Most of his dishes also suit the Chinese palates".

The brand manager of Auric Pacific (M) Sdn Bhd, June So, said palm oil is the main vegetable oil ingredient used to produce the margarine.

As a naturally semi-solid compound, the hydrogenation process is not rendered in the production for solid fat formulation.

"This eliminates the by-products of partially hydrogenated fats, better known as trans-fat", she said.

Besides margarine, the company also produces butter, cheeses, frozen foods and breads.