Food, Glorious Spanish Food...Knowing Spain Through Its Famed Delicacies

Last update: 08/11/2014

By Nur Ashikin Abdul Aziz

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 8 (Bernama) -- Spain is internationally renowned for its red-hot Flamenco dance, bullfighting or 'Corrida de Toros' in Spanish, and the 'La Tomatino' which is a Spanish festival celebrated with tomatoes.

And of course, the Real Madrid and Barcelona Football Clubs, among other iconic features of Spanish life.

Nevertheless, one of the most characteristic elements of the Spanish culture is also its wide array of exotic foods.

Foodies here can now enjoy a wide selection of authentic Spanish food until tomorrow at 'The Many Flavours of Spain', hosted by the Prince Hotel and Residence.

The food festival is aimed at creating perfect opportunity for diners to be fully immersed in the culture and history of the country whilst partaking in its famed delicacies, said the hotel.

Defence Attache at the Spanish Embassy in Malaysia Capt Fernando Patricio
Martin Paz said the festival was a great way for anyone to know Spain through
its food.

Patricio, whose posting here was just three months ago, praised Chef Jordi
Gimeno, who was specially flown from Barcelona, Spain for the festival, for
bringing authentic tastes of Spain to Malaysia.

Gimeno said the 10-day festival allowed diners to savour their palate with
famous food from different regions in Spain, like all-time favourite Tapas, and
exotic selections such as Black Rice, Sea and Mountain Paella, and Gazpacho.

"I cannot name just one Spanish food that is a 'must-have' as different
regions have different famous foods.

"This festival here will allow you to get a glimpse of what each region is
famous for,” he told Bernama in a recent interview.

With over 20 years of cooking experience and organising Spanish Food
Festivals worldwide, Gimeno said one 'secret' ingredient that can be found in a
lot of Spanish food is picada – a mixed powder from Catalonia, a region in
northern Spain that is normally used in the main course and stews.