The First Horseback Archery Competition In Malaysia

Last update: 26/09/2014

By Muhammad Hafiizh Alias

KUALA LUMPUR. Sept 26 (Bernama) -- A horse is a creature of grace, power and beauty and this is the time of the year where horse lovers and their family can indulge in this magnificent sport carnival atmosphere at the International Horse Show.

Horseback Archery, an activity originating from hunting and war disciplines, is a game of speed and accuracy.

Developed as a sport in modern times, the horseback archer will be rewarded points based on his riding speed and shooting accuracy.

In this competition, participants from around the world in their traditional costume on galloping horses let go of the reins to skilfully unleash a barrage of arrows at moving targets showcasing an excellent combination of equestrian skills and bowmanship.

A total of 18 countries have participated; 8 Malaysians took part while the remaining 27 are from various countries such as Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Japan, Jordan, Luxembourg, Mongolia, Poland, Qatar, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States of America.

Instead of the Horseback Archery competition, this International Horse Show also provided live demonstration corners which will be featuring the horse dentist in action while the acupuncturists will be seen giving the horse some medical relief and also ride on our latest state of the art horse simulator.

"Besides providing an opportunity to equestrian athletes to hone their skills, the various events lined up for the show aimed to help raise awareness of the sports to a wide spectrum of audience especially in a carnival setting," said Chairman of STC Equestrian and Sports Centre, Tan Sri Datuk Richard Cham Hak Lim.

The International Horse Show started from September 26 until 28, 2014 at the STC Equestrian and Sports Centre Kuala Lumpur. Admission to International Horse Show is free and the show will be open from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm daily.