UniKL Lifestyle Division Watches Over Its Undergrads For Smooth Campus Life

Last update: 22/09/2014

By Dharshini Ramesh and Nur Syehah Alias

KUALA LUMPUR -- The Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) has a unique yet essential division in their organisation which is known as Student Development & Campus Lifestyle content.

The division is created to help produce students with high leadership skill that become part of the main pillars to build the academic foundation.

The university's overarching aim is to provide their graduates with the knowledge, skills and attitude required to contribute to globalisation and knowledge-based economy.

UniKL also dreams to become the premier entrepreneurial technical university in the country by 2020 through excellence in research, education, training, entrepreneurship, consultancy and community services.

Under the Student Development & Campus Lifestyle division, there are six sub units to look after its students and they are Student Development, Student Entrepreneurship, Student Welfare, UniKL Alumni, Campus Lifestyle, Lifestyle Gallery and Talent Inside.

These units are to nurture their students toward becoming a future leaders and thus contribute to the society.

UniKL also aimed to produce students with high self esteem that would be able to stand with their own cognitive ability and positive attitudes as soon as completing the campus life.

The university has highest hope to also see their students to be independent and able to tackle problems and succeed in life.

This new format of student support is not only there to help their students in academic aspect alone but also to build their characters to prepare for their future endeavour.

Student Development & Campus Lifestyle unit is always ever ready to help their students with any issues that requires attention in order not to affect their academic.

Prof Dr Khairanum Subari, Deputy President of Student Development & Campus Lifestyle said, "This content is for students to learn good values among different culture and also to get the students engaged with the society."

For further information and enquiries on UniKL, it may be forwarded to 03-2175 4000 or email to enquiries@unikl.edu.my.