Integrity And Patriotism Programme To Build Youth's True Identity

Last update: 10/09/2014

KUALA LUMPUR -- The Integrity Circle of Champions Club (ICCC) in collaboration with the Malaysian Institute of Integrity (IIM) last month organised a programme in conjunction with Malaysia’s 57th Independence Day under the theme of 'Integrity & Patriotism : Building the True Identity Of Our Youth'.

The programme which was held on Aug 23, was quite unique as it was run entirely by the ICCC with the cooperation and support of the Recreational and Sports Club of IIM (KESKIM).

The half-day event was held in conjunction with Malaysia's Independence Day celebrations and to appreciate the efforts of Commando Veterans VAT 69 (Malaysian Very Able Troopers) in defending the country, said IIM Deputy President Dr A. Bakar Sarpon.

The programme aims to strengthen the individual's self-identity and instill values in the younger generation to appreciate the true meaning of independence. During the programme, participants also discussed how today's youth in Malaysia perceive the true meaning of independence.

It was also a platform for VAT 69 fighters from Platoon 1 and 2 to share their experiences during the Communist era and to allow participants to appreciate their sacrifices upon achieving independence for the country.

The event was also held to acknowledge the contribution and sacrifices of the late ASP Mohd Zabri bin Abdul Hamid, Commander of the 2nd Platoon, 69th Commando who was killed during the Phase 2 of the Bamboo 2 Operation in Ulu Perak in 1975.

The initiatives of this programme were based on the agenda of "Enculturation of Integrity in Malaysia" which is one of the government’s main agenda in strengthening the character and identity of the community so as to produce a first-class thinking nation and rich in good values, especially among the younger generation."

Some of the participants said they benefitted through the sharing of experiences and new information related to the formation of self-identity and building character to better appreciate the true meaning of independence.

The event attracted over 200 students from various secondary schools around Kuala Lumpur and students from five MARA Junior Science Colleges (MRSMs). Representatives from the ICCC Alumni, TAZAIC, Rakan Integriti Mahasiswa (RIM), selected youth organisations and NGOs, were also present.

"It is hoped that the programme will be a start, a stepping stone to building a solid foundation and self identity for all individuals, especially our youth who are competitive and have a high sense of patriotism and integrity," added Dr Bakar.