Impossible Is Nothing For Another Malaysian Indian To Reach Oxford

Last update: 30/06/2014

By Karthiga Shekumar

KUALA LUMPUR -- Ever wonder the possibilities to be able to get an acceptance to study in University of Oxford?

For Dr Prasanna Raj Subramaniam from Perak, he has beaten the odd by becoming another Malaysian Indian to enroll in the University of Oxford.

Having completed his medical course phase 1 in International Medical University locally, Dr Prasanna was offered to do his clinical training at University of Leicester, England.

Upon completing his clinical training, Dr Prasanna is currently observing his Postgraduate Training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in University of Oxford.

Despite his accomplishments, Dr Prasanna strikes out as a modest, kind and confident young man.

During his recent visit back to his alma mater, he managed to spend time to speak and inspire students on their route to academic excellence.

"I came from a family of five siblings. My father is a general practitioner and my mum is a retired lecturer. I have two sisters, one is a doctor and the other is still doing her A-level.

I obtained my primary and secondary education in St Michael’s Institution, Ipoh and moved on to finish my A-levels in Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar, Mantin before I joined IMU”, said Dr Prasanna when speaking on his background.

"In terms of hobbies, I absolutely love cars and have expended a great deal of time modifying and running on them. I also hold a national racing license in the UK.

I recently did a round trip around Europe with a group of friends driving through five different countries and doing a track day at the all famous Nurburging, Germany”, Dr Prasanna added.

"The reasons behind my motivation are my parents,” added Dr Prasanna.

The proud expressions he catches from his parents’ eyes every time he brings back success drives him to take the next step.

Both universities are best known for their expertise in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) and that are the reasons why he chooses to continue his postgraduate studies on O&G.

"O&G offers plenty of excitement and you get to do a lot of different things,” mentioned Dr Prasanna.

His concern is in the field of infertility as it is not only rewarding but it offers a huge scope for research. On top of that, he taught that O&G has a multifaceted management, which requires physical, mental, societal and medical input.

"It keeps you on your toes at all times as you have to switch between scenarios of acute admissions to surgical and management. It also involves performing and interpreting ultrasounds," said by Dr Prasanna.

Dr Prasanna is very thankful to IMU’s early clinical exposure, as it was a vital source in helping him to develop his skills. The teaching methods used in IMU had largely given a positive impact not only to his career, but also in his current medical education.

Dr Prasanna also plans to further his medical study and hopeful to become a clinical lecturer as a supplement to his clinical work.

"There is no substitute to preparation. Always give 100% for every opportunity, as you never know which one will be your major break”, a special advice from Dr Prasanna to the current medical students and also aspiring gynaecologist.