Ready To Be Spooked By 'Pengantin Malam' ?

Last update: 24/06/2014

By Muhammad Zaini Mohd Zin

KUALA LUMPUR -- Metrowealth (MiG) does not stop to enliven the local film industry and for the 93rd time produced ‘Pengantin Malam’. Directed by Eyra Rahman, the film main casts are Malaysian top hero and heroin, Farid Kamil and Nora Danish.

“The builds up by each character are extremely well and excellent and I’m comfortable working with them.

They already know what I want. So, I don’t have any problems working with them especially Nora, even this is her first time to act in horror film,” said the director of the ‘Pengantin Malam’,” Eyra Rahman.

Join in the success of this film, emerging actress from Brunei, Nina Iskandar took up a role as Laila and popular actresses Ellie Suriaty as Doctor Nina and Rashidah Jaafar as Mak Anom.

‘Pengantin Malam’ is romantic-horror film that only takes 15 days to complete and make Kluang, Selangor as the main background location for this film.


Film ‘Pengantin Malam’ tells a story of a young wife named Maya (Nora Danish) who suffers amnesia after a road accident.

Since the accident, something strange frequently disturbing Maya. Wanting to find a solution, Razif (Farid Kamil) has to take Maya to his family villa.

However, the disturbances does not seem to stop there. Maya becomes and acts different and it only gets worse until Maya can no longer control her own emotions and thoughts.

Razif tries as much as he could to help however for a non-believer to supernatural being, their relationship grow distance.

Maya is getting worse day by day and that has forced Razif to find a physician to treat a disease suffered by his wife.

Will Maya continue to behave strangely after the treatment and cure? Do not forget to catch this horror film, 'Pengantin Malam' in cinema starting June 19, 2014.