PlayPhone®, Inc. Reaches Nearly 100 Percent Mobile Subscribers In Every Region

Last update: 23/06/2014

KUALA LUMPUR -- PlayPhone®, Inc., a global leader in mobile social gaming, has reached nearly 100 percent of mobile subscribers in every region in which it operates, validating the company's vision for a new mobile gaming ecosystem.

"We're witnessing a strong desire by operators to enhance customer offerings and experiences with choices for new products and services that can be acquired with Playcredits," said Anders Evju, CMO of PlayPhone in a statement issued on Monday in San Mateo, California (US).

"We believe the accelerated expansion of our platform and mobile commerce options will have a ballooning effect on revenue for the entire mobile entertainment ecosystem," he added.

Operators and messaging apps are using PlayPhone's technology to offer their customers an elevated social gaming experience with expanded mobile commerce options.

The core economic driver for this new gaming ecosystem is the network currency, Playcredits™. Partners have been extending the use of Playcredits beyond gaming, enabling customers to use them to acquire music, mobile products, services, and rewards programs, the statement added.

PlayPhone's advanced social gaming products for mobile operators and messaging apps include:White-labeled social game stores, Cross-network virtual currency, Game developer publishing platform including a proprietary SDK and soon-to-come advertising platform.

PlayPhone currently reaches over 82 percent of the US mobile market, 99 percent of Brazil, and is quickly becoming the dominant force in South East Asia through exclusive agreements with the largest mobile operators in Singapore and Indonesia.

PlayPhone integration is fast and lucrative for operators and messaging app partners, who can become part of PlayPhone's mobile gaming ecosystem in less than eight weeks.

Game developer signups in Q1 2014 alone were greater than signups for all of 2013. In total, PlayPhone's game developer community numbers more than 6,000, providing an ongoing, robust game pipeline for the gaming platform.

Onboarding of games takes only 24 hours from developer signup to the game going live in PlayPhone's game stores.