G2 Network All Out To Break Health Product Market

Last update: 19/06/2014

By Nurul Nadiafathirah

KUALA LUMPUR -- G2 Network has recently launched its new selection of health products on May 24 2014 where the event took place at MWE Commercial Park, Kepong.

President of the Board of Malaysian Consumers Protection and Welfare, Prof Dato’ Yahya Awang Saharuddin showed his support by attending and gracing the opening ceremony.

Prior to the welcoming remarks by its chairman, a prayer was recited by an imam of a nearby mosque to seek blessing before they embark in the endeavour.

Dato' Sri Saharuddin bin Awang Yahya in his opening speech shared a good amount of information about the role of the Consumer Protection and Welfare Commission (LPKPM).

The range of products to hit the market are ‘Idola’, ‘Idaman’ and 'Insas' where they are for losing excessive weight and enhance internal beauty and also ‘Insas’ that is dedicated for male consumers.

These products will be available in the mass market in this month of June.

There were two songs played in the background to boost their moral spirit of G2 Network fellow members and consumers especially those who came all the way from Langkawi to attend the launch.

At the end of the entertainment, a more experience G2 Network members gave a briefing on the products that are on showcased via several a slideshows of information pack.

Before closing the ceremony, G2 Networks presented cheques to its members to show appreciation and also act as a monetary bonus to those who have worked hard to thrive in the field of the G2 Network.

The event ended with G2 Network fellow members sharing their ‘before and after’ experiences as they consumed the product followed by a lunch reception.