UiTM KaryaOne Pays Gratitude To The Work Of Arts

Last update: 19/06/2014

By Dharshini Ramesh

SHAH ALAM -- University Technology MARA (UiTM) under its Faculty of Film, Theater and Animation has recently presented a selection of artistic works performed by its students in the appreciation of artistic values and creative technology.

The programme was presented under the banner title of "Minggu KaryaOne and Malam Apresiasi KaryaOne" in the honour of their authentic masterpieces.

The purpose of the event is to appreciate the work of genius of these art students which all of them were under the faculty of Film, Theater and Animation.

This program is also a part of the students' final evaluation session for the courses taken for the semester that resumed from March until July 2014 through five different faculties which include Screen, Artistic Writing, Theatre, Creative Industry and Animation Management and Screen Technology.

The event aims to create opportunities and exposures to the students and give an overview of the importance of teamwork and intercommunication skills which proven to become one of the most important characteristics that a graduate should possess as soon as they shift out of the campus life to the professional vocation world.

There were a number of activities such as workshops, seminars and the screening of creative arts held for public viewing.

Kristina Yusoof of the Faculty of Film, Theater and Animation, who won the category for Best Director For Short Film, said, "I was quite surprised and honoured to win the award as I am competing with many talented directors."

"Managing the pre-production is the main challenge that I faced in making this short film since we need to get permission from many related department," she added.

Speaking to Mohamed Daniel who won the Best Theater Awards for the word of advise, he commented that, "Whoever wants to pursuit their studies in the field of theater should work harder and should not be anxious in exploring this ground."