Fireflies In Kampung Pulau, Kota Baharu

Last update: 18/06/2014

By Siti Rohayu Zakaria and Hulaimiah Mohd Naim

KOTA BAHARU (Bernama) -- Kampung Pulau in Kubang Kerian here is not very different from any other village in Kelantan, except that it is home to thousands of fireflies twinkling and glowing around the kampung at night.

It is the only village in Kelantan where one comes across these winged beetles in their thousands, the lightning bugs from the Lampyridae family with the scientific name "Pteroptyx tener".

Six kilometres away from Kota Baharu, fruit orchards dot Kampung Pulau while the riverbanks of Sungai Lubuk Durian, which runs across the village, are lined with berembang mangrove trees, a natural habitat for the fireflies.

Fireflies are unique insects, known for the light that emanates from their abdomen. Like a lit bulb, the light from the abdomen of the insect twinkles about three times every single second.

The male species of the firefly is more luminescent than the female.....