Victoria Jackson Beauty Line Promises No Makeup-Makeup

Last update: 12/06/2014

By Nalini Ramiah

KUALA LUMPUR -- Victoria Jackson Cosmetics has arrived in Malaysia to introduce effortless yet gorgeous look of no makeup-makeup.

To those beauty enthusiasts, Victoria Jackson is not just another name of a make-up brand on the market. Yet it proves to have its own niche in the beauty industry.

Victoria Jackson started as a successful and famous Hollywood make-up artist and cosmetic entrepreneur for more than 15 years. She is also a horde of many successful TV infomercials.

Victoria Jackson has invented a ‘No Makeup-Makeup’ look in Hollywood.

DNMC International, the worldwide distributor of Victoria Jackson Cosmetics, will be taking this wonderful product via road shows in many major shopping malls, offices and beauty specialty stores.

Victoria Jackson Cosmetics was launched and introduced at the Leonardo's Dining Room & Wine Loft, Bangsar by its regional director, Miss Mattasa who presented the Victoria Jackson Cosmetics ‘Survival Kit’ to the guests.

“I hope to educate the consumers on Victoria Jackson Cosmetics natural 'No Makeup-Makeup' and provide the consumers the simple, convenient and professional makeup brand with the aspiration of having personal Hollywood makeup artist in a handbag,” said its DNMC International managing director, Henry Lew.