It’s A Hit!, First Batting Cage Ever In Southeast Asia

Last update: 05/06/2014

By Muhammad Zaini Mohd Zin

KUALA LUMPUR -- Baseball might be new here in Malaysia but it is definitely catching up.

It’s A Hit! Batting Cages is the right place to go if you are looking for a swing.

Located on the top of 1 Utama Rooftop (new wing) Shopping Centre is considered as the first of its kind to be set-up in Malaysia.

It’s A Hit! Batting Cage, established in August 2006 and sponsored by Hitachi, Mizuno and Carlsberg have been able to capture the imagination of many and attracted customers from all walks of life in Malaysia.

“Most people in Malaysia and Southeast Asia have not even heard of a batting cage, let alone experiencing one. We saw many jaws dropping, seeing something that so far only existed in movies or sitcoms for them. The unique location on a rooftop just tipped the excitement factor higher!” said its general manager, Tim Freebairn.

“You don’t have to play baseball or softball to enjoy the thrill of a batting cage. Show up in tuxedo or heels, you can just grab a bat, press a button and hit the balls. In fact, we have quite a few ladies playing in baju kurung” he added.

According to Freebairn who has collected many experience of coaching high profile individuals from US and Australia said batting cages are exciting because it’s like playing a realistic video game which so far pas proven the attractions and proven popular especially among the youngsters.

In countries such as US and Japan, batting cages are the choice by their many overworked executives who often use this game as a stress relief activity.

The fully-automated batting cage centre is fitted with the very same pitching machines imported from USA used by the professional ballplayers to practice their hitting technique.

The eight cages equipped with a state of the art machines allow the balls to be pitched at different speeds and height and are controlled by the player.

Other facilities at the venue include a portable 21.34m (70 feet) long “Bullpen” tunnel for pitching and batting that are also available for rental for promotion and events, area for T-ball (kids version of sport), café and pro-shop housed in a unique dome structure.

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