Doctor Gets Crafty With Handmade Arts

Last update: 29/05/2014

By Nalini Ramiah

PUTRAJAYA -- Dr Bharathi Supramaniam, 32, a doctor by profession graduated from a university in Moscow not only a mother to a 17 month-old son but also a passionate quilling enthusiast.

This oldest sister to two other siblings has been involved in the crafty hobby since the last two years. “I started quilling when I was expecting my son in 2012, and I have been doing this for the past 2 years,” said Dr B.

She came across the art of quilling while she was searching for a hobby during her pregnancy. “I have never heard of this art before, and I was searching online for ideas to create a natural endowment for my sister that I stumbled upon this beautiful art”, said Dr. B.

“Fashion is what you make out of it.

We often like to watch what is on trend, but I feel that you should mix and match things in order to get your own style that you feel comfortable in,” responded Dr B, as what she likes to be referred to, when ask about fashion philosophy.

Most of Dr. B’s handy-craft is influenced by the creative designs and drawn to include many colors and artistic conceptualization. Her creations are mostly artistic designs that have never been produced anywhere or by anyone else.

Dr B’s work in quilling is merely a channel to her creative talent and has not yet not within her intention to turn it into a commercial deal.

For Dr B, her reward in quilling is that she has learned the way to conduct small scale business. Besides that, she also learns to have more patience and managing her time as well as people surrounding her.

Her plans are to quill either exceptional images or artistic images that have not been attempted before.

Currently, Dr B is focusing on and perfecting quilling Hindu gods and also typography in other languages. Her first handmade quill were Hindu god ‘Ganesha’ and ‘Lord Shiva’. “Although they were amateur pieces, I was very proud of the outcome since it was the first time someone has ever attempted to quill it. I hold it very dear to my heart", said Dr B.

Dr. B is constantly challenging herself in creating artistic pieces based on her clients’ need and it is at an affordable price.

For quilling material, Dr. B works with many types of papers and book binding method. Some of them are plenty of Swarovski crystals, beads, metal boxes, charms, die cutters, dies, embossing machines, ribbon, fabrics, color papers, leather ‘batik’, buttons, stockings, needle, super glue and many others.

“Don’t be shy to ask and always try to learn something new”, advises Dr B to today’s teenagers.

“At this young age, teenagers have the ability to learn many things. The Internet is a great source and tool to gain knowledge from all over the world. As much as the Internet is used for entertainment, it can also be used to learn, gain knowledge and develop various skills not only in art but in other areas as well,” add Dr B again in ending the interview.

Many of Dr B’s artistic work can be browsed by visiting her Facebook at or