‘Awak Nak Kahwin Dengan Saya Tak?’ Will Pique Your Heart

Last update: 21/05/2014

By Muhammad Zaini Mohd Zin

KUALA LUMPUR -- Have you ever been head over heels in love but is just tongue-tied to do anything about it?

Metrowealth’s new movie titled ‘Awak Nak Kahwin Dengan Saya Tak?’ ("Would You Like To Marry Me?") could just be the tonic for you.

In the film, Fezrul Khan and Erin Malek, two familiar names in the local entertainment industry, play lovebirds. As its title suggest, the movie is all about how the young man goes about wooing his sweetheart.

The hopelessly enamoured young man's numerous blunders and faux pas in the attempt to get the message across to his girlfriend will tickle your funny bone. You cannot help but feel happy for him when he finally gets it right.

“If you are in love with someone but do not know how to express your feelings, this film is for you.

‘Awak Nak Kahwin Dengan Saya Tak?’ would give you a handle on how best to broach the subject with your intended,” Metrowealth International Group CEO Major (H) David Teo said.

Directed by Eyra Rahman, the romantic comedy film is the 92nd film produced by the Metrowealth International Group (MiG).

The list of cast from MiG Talent features a combination of upcoming and veteran artistes such as Zalif Sidek, Shima Anuar and Emily Chan and others great actor and actress such as Ruminah Sidek, Mustapha Kamal, Lydiawati, Delimawati and Bobo.

‘Awak Nak Kahwin Dengan Saya?’ hits the silver screen on May 22, 2014.