Najib Outlines Six Criteria To Prepare Malaysian Youths For The Future

Last update: 19/05/2014

PUTRAJAYA -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak outlined six basic criteria that were vital to prepare Malaysian youths for the future.

He said among them were knowledge and skills because riches today also depended on 'raw materials' in the form of ideas, creativity and innovation.

"We also need youths who have an entrepreneurship culture because it is very important in developing and generating national riches," he said at the 2014 National Youth Awards ceremony here, Thursday.

He said the next criteria was moderation or "wasatiyyah" because it was the best approach to enable youths to avoid extremism which was detrimental to the country.

"Youths must also be capable of avoiding being trapped in liberalism or pluralism," he said.

Najib said the spirit of volunteerism which was becoming dimmer by the day was also essential to be instilled in the national effort to turn out a generation of successful youths.

Youths too, he said, must have a strong love for the country other than spiritual values.

"A strong patriotic spirit will be able to ward off unhealthy influences," he added.

At the event, Najib also announced that the government had approved a RM1.5 million allocation to the Malaysian Youth Council (MBM) to help lay the ground work for the setting up of the Asean Community secretariat.

He said the money would be channeled through the Youth and Sports Ministry.

"I understand MBM will be playing a more active role among non-governmental organisations to bring youths in Asean closer ahead of the formation of the Asean Community next year," he said, adding that he hoped that with the setting of the Asean Community, Malaysian youths would play an even more active role regionally and globally.

Earlier, Najib presented the National Premier Youth Award 2014 to Wan Adilah Wan Awang from Terengganu, an entrepreneur who helped produce many other entrepreneurs in the fisheries sector.

The men's category was won by Jufitri Joha from Negeri Sembilan. Jufitri has played an active role in developing youths and among others is the founder of volunteer group Grup Alam Sekitar and Young Interfaith Group of ABIM (Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement).

Both the winners took home RM20,000, a trophy and certificate, each.

Persatuan Belia Tenggaroh 2 was the winner in the Youth organisations category and took home RM50,000, a trophy and certificate.