Malaysia's Championship of Wushu - an Art in the Arts

Last update: 19/05/2014

By Karthiga Shekumar

SELANGOR -- Wushu, another type of martial arts is also commercially known as kung fu in international that originated from China.

Wushu, a Chinese martial arts, is one of the great heritage of Chinese culture besides human civilization.

Wushu combines military skills with traditions of many great martial artist of many generations that represent a complicated system of various training including the traditional Chinese medicinal skills.

Miscellaneous religions and philosophical doctrines of China for a long period.

The word Wushu literally means martial arts. Wu means military or martial. Its Chinese equivalent consists of two letters Zhi (to stop, to finish, to end) and Ge (a spear or generally speaking weapon). Shu can be translated as art. Thus it is clear that the original meaning of Chinese martial arts was to stop or to put an end to weapon using.

Wushu is destined to defend and not to attack.

Wushu technique has such elements as combat and pattern. This combat is divided into two, San Shou (free hand) and San Da (free fighting) that in Malaysia, it is identified as kickboxing.

Rules for combat is that one must not use elbows, or knees and no hitting at the back of the head and crucially, one must not get out of the mat during the fight.

There are also two elements existed that could be divided into modern (individual competition) and traditional (group competition).

In a competition, weapons used must conform to safety measures and must not be sharpened in any way.

“There are many countries participated in Wushu such as Japan, Canada, Brazil, Australia, China, Indonesia and others. There are many other type of Chinese kung fu in China, in Malaysia it is known as Shaolin”, said traditional Wushu state champion.

The latest achievements garnered do far by the Traditional Wushu team are Lai Pei Chee, 24, national wushu championships (1 gold, 1 silver), Singapore Open Wushu competition (2 golds), and London Seni Martial arts competition (1 bronze). Chin Mun Siang, 19, 4th world guo shu championship (3 golds), 24th national wushu championship (2 golds).

Kheeshoth Sharmah, 18, National U18 (gold), National Adult (gold), National Junior (gold). Samantha Tan, 17 and Yap Jia Quan, 16, National Wushu competition category of San Shou U18 gold organised by Ministry of Education.

To learn more about Wushu and the team, visit and those who are interested to learn this Wushu martial arts here there are located at; 2-3,Jalan Bandar 3,Pusat Bandar Puchong 47100 Puchong,Selangor.

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