The Chengal Besar Adventure Trip Has Left Its Participants In Admiration And Refreshed

Last update: 16/05/2014

By Nas Alia Abdul Nasir

The trip to Pasir Raja, Terengganu was organised by MyLandy Automobile Sport Club, a Land Rover 4x4 club. The off-road camping trip was held for a three-day that started on May 1 and finished on May 3, 2014.

The main objective is to witness the biggest tree in Malaysia ‘Chengal Tree’ in person and experience two nights at the Sungai Loh Camp site.

There were twenty participants and six four wheel drives managed to join the Chengal Besar Adventure Trip.

The 4x4 club that was established in 2011 and was founded by Saiful and chaired by its club president, Azmani Mohd.

As of date, fifty-five registered members have joined the Mylandy challenge. MyLandy has organized many off road activities in the past as a way to include humanitarian aid rescuing as a way to contribute back to the society.

This time, the club organized a Chengal Besar Adventure Trip where among of the familiar names of the Land Rovers in the convoy are Pinz, Rembau,Cupcake, Iron Man, Frankie and MedKlinn.

The trip was lead by Azmani Mohd.

The off-road journey went on for about five hours from the kick-off point and offered participants a lot of different kinds of challenges in getting to the other side of the route that is already covered with mud.

It was proven that the task was not easy one as participants climbed up to go uphill and downhill. There were events where they had to crawl under several fallen trees in order to pass.

During the second day of the adventure, all participants started walk the trail to the Chengal Tree. It took them two hours of walking and climbing the trail to get to the 1,300 years old Chengal tree that is recorded and verified as the biggest tree in Malaysia by The Malaysia Book of Records.

The diameter at base of the tree is 16.75m and towers up to 65m in height. It was discovered in 1999 by the Terengganu State Forestry Department.

The Chengal, scientifically known as Neobalanocarpus Hrimii, is a large hardwood normally found around the Southeast Asia. It is highly known for its resistant to decay.

4x4 Chengal Besar Adventure Trip made possible by Mylandy is an experience of a lifetime where it could challenge your self-determination.

For those interested to try out and take part in any 4x4 challenge and for more info, contact MyLandy at 019-762 0533 -Azmani Mohd (president) or 019-3888066/ -Mohd Amin Mohd Azhar (secretary/chef).