My Wedding App Introduces a New Generation of Wedding Must-Have

Last update: 07/05/2014

By Yuneswari Muniandy

KUALA LUMPUR -- My Wedding application or of late shortly known as ‘app’ introduces a whole new generation of wedding invitations.

The My Wedding app takes it a few steps further by allowing you to choose from a selection of styles and templates that later you are able to customize it with your personalised message.

All the Information about your wedding in the My Wedding application can be updated and saved as per real-time.

This app permits you to share and collect photos and turn them into albums such as for engagement party, bridal shower, or even your bachelorette party and choose to make them accessible to public or lock it for your own privacy purposes.

The app also allows you to stay connected to the celebrations no matter where you are.

Your guests may not only share their photos in real time with everyone who attends the event, but they will also be able post and share comments and messages using text and photos.

My wedding app also has a feature that includes wedding countdown. This feature is definitely able to keep you focused and excited as the day approaches.

The convenience of having helpful information readily available at your finger tips such as dates, directions, important reminders like dress code and bridal gift list are indeed such a burden lifting you can find from the app.

You can also find that the app allows you to inform your guests that you have appointed your trusted bridesmaids and best man by updating the info with pictures and stories.

You might be delighted to catch hilarious comments, kind notes, and unexpected shots once in a while that will definitely bring you absolute joy.

My Wedding App is available for download at

You are one step away from charting a memorable wedding journey of your own or choose to create your My Wedding App at