Broga Hill, A Breathtaking Beauty Of A Hiking Spot

Last update: 06/05/2014

By Nalini Ramiah

SELANGOR – Back in the days, if one mentioned the name Broga Hill, not many would have an idea where this place is.

Today, Broga Hill is a well-known hiking spot. Many hiking enthusiasts also know it as 'Bukit Lalang' or in Malay word ‘Bukit Broga’

The name Bukit Lalang came actually after a local species of grass that could be found in abundance here, at one of the hill in Semenyih, at 400 meters high and 40 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur along the trunk road to Broga.

The hill can be reached in 5 minutes after passing The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, where it starts on the left from an oil palm estate opposite a rabbit park.

Notable for its incredible panoramic views, especially at dusk or dawn, along with easy accessibility route to be taken on foot, the hill is a popular tourist attraction among locals and foreign nationals.

The estate owner does not ignore at the opportunity to make a little cash on the attention it gets from the visitors during weekends and public holidays and collected RM2 per vehicle that uses the estate to park their cars.

Broga is surrounded by luxuriant greens of a tropical rainforest and sits on the border of the Titiwangsa Range.

Upon reaching up at the peak of the hill, a scene of flashes from high performing cameras from a bunch of avid photographers are a regular scenery that are trying to capture beautiful the images Broga Hill offers indescribable with words.

A word of wisdom shared from another hiker to another hiker that one should always take careful measures and hold on to visible and strong ropes available at certain points of their hiking trail.

Also, it is always wise to avoid hiking to Broga Hill when rain is predicted to come in your way as the track could be very slippery.

To experienced hikers, this would another great stroll in the ballpark.

Broga Hill is quite an introduction to hiking that will provide one with small challenges and it is recommended to hikers that are completely new to hiking as the hill still falls under easy-to-moderate hiking trail. Its breathtaking view once you reach the peak is simply priceless and makes all the sweat worth it.