KLpac Collaborates To Connect With Local Musicians Community

Last update: 06/05/2014

By Muhammad Zaini Mohd Zin

KUALA LUMPUR -- KLpac Symphonic Band in collaboration with Kinta Valley Wind Orchestra (KVWO) to present ‘A Bit of This, A Bit of That’ which will take place from May 30 until 31 May at Pentas 1, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLpac).

Conducted by Cheryl Mah and Eugene Pook, ‘A Bit of This, A Bit of That’ is a concert that provides the performers with an opportunity to showcase their virtuosity in a way that is sure to make audience wish for more.

“Aligned with the title, the choices of repertoire are mixture of a few very different styles of music like Traditional, Jazz and Broadway” said the resident conductor of KLpac Symphonic Band, Cheryl Mah.

“We will be featuring Frank Sinatra Hits Medley, Twelve Seconds To The Moon, Highlights of Spirited Away and more,” she added.

The conductor of KVWO, Mr. Eugene Pook says that, “It gives opportunity to the youngsters to explore and expose to bigger music scene in Kuala Lumpur”.

The intention for this project is to build up friendship within local community wind bands in Malaysia as well as widen up the local musicians community indirectly offer great opportunity for college students to reconnect with their musical abilities.

The bands are not exclusive only to college-level professors and students but also opens to high school students which offer the ticket price as low as RM 23.

For more details, visit www.klpac.org or ticketpro.com.my or call 03 – 4047 9000.