Most Talented Students Prepared To Travel For Right Job – Survey

Last update: 17/04/2014

KUALA LUMPUR --Eighty-four per cent of 90 talented business students from leading universities in 23 different countries said they were prepared to move regularly for the right job.

The number was gathered from a survey held during the KPMG International Case Competition in Sao Paolo.

KPMG Malaysia Managing Partner Johan Idris said the competition for top talents is intensifying.

"It is crucial that employers understand what graduates are looking for, not just in the first few years of their job, but across their entire career.

"The majority of students surveyed had a clear idea as to what profession they want to work in, and whichever that is, it must enable them to contribute to society," he said in a statement.

The survey highlighted that a majority of students were very clear that they are looking for rewards from careers that goes beyond pay and benefits.

They said that it was important that the work they do in the future "drives positive and sustainable change in society".

"When questioned on the global economy, it was clear that the global financial crisis of 2008 had impacted the students. But they are confident of riding out any future crisis," Johan said.