KRU Studios to partner Hi-5 Operations for Malay version of Hi-5

Last update: 07/04/2014

Cannes -- KRU Studios to venture into a coproduction and produce a localised Hi-5 in Malaysia.

Plans are underway to co-produce the 2nd Asian adaptation of the popular Hi-5 in Bahasa Malaysia and the 1st year will start with 25 episodes.

TV production is slated to start in July 2014 and is set to air around 3rd Quarter of 2014.

Hi-5 World will involve top production personnel from Australia to work on the production, including a selection of talents to anchor the Bahasa Malaysia version.

The Hi-5 Malaysian format will begin with a nationwide search that will encompass all of Malaysia to find the five new Hi-5 stars.

Asia has consistently proven to be one of Hi-5’s biggest market since the brand started in 1999.

Malaysia has one of the largest fan bases and is a regular stop on the international touring circuit.

With the localised Malay show and cast, Hi-5 will reach out to a much bigger fan base to include the Bahasa Malaysia speaking households in Malaysia.

"We are really excited to embark on the Malaysian format with KRU.

We hope to bring all the fun and energy of Hi-5 to the broader audience showcasing an exciting new line-up of young Malaysian talent as the new Hi-5 cast.

We can’t wait to add this new show to the Hi-5 family." says Julie Greene, Executive Creative Director and Producer of the Australian Hi-5 since 2004.

Citing excitement for the new venture is Norman Abdul Halim, Executive President of KRU Studios "we are very excited and honoured to be given the opportunity to be part of the Hi-5 team in Malaysia.

Hi-5 is an established brand and with the adaptation into Bahasa Malaysia, the TV series and brand will reach an even wider audience in Malaysia.

Together with our soundstages, music and merchandise distribution network, digital post production facilities and soon to be launched IPTV channel, we are confident that we can play a strong role for Hi-5 in the areas of production, marketing and distribution in Malaysia".

"Hi-5 has universal themes such as exploration, friendship, creativity and learning.

These qualities make the show accessible to almost any culture", says Jared Lim, Chairman of Hi-5 World.

Through Bahasa Malaysia, I believe many children will continue to love and enjoy the Hi5 brand and its offerings.

This also gives rise to many more opportunities for growth and expansion in Malaysia, which we are really excited about."

The collaboration will include TV production, merchandising and licensing of the Hi-5 brand name.

Plans for a touring Hi-5 cast across various cities nationally in Malaysia is also in the pipeline and plans are underway to create a 360 degree exploitation of the brand in the country.

The first Asian adaptation is currently being developed in Vietnam and is slated to be released in August 2014.