3D Self-Portrait A Reality In Red Carpet@I-City By End-May

Last update: 04/04/2014

From Pang Sing Ying

GUANGZHOU (China) -- With advanced 3D technology, it now requires a mere 10 minutes of modelling and posing to make one’s very own 3D self-portrait a reality in Red Carpet@i-City by the end of May this year.

With only four processes -- scanning, modelling, animation and visualisation -- visitors can own a miniature or Mini-Me of themselves either for remembrance or as a gift.

The 3D Mini-Me, which is 25cm to 35cm in height, could become a common sight at weddings as presents to friends and family.

I-Berhad and Guangdong Great Silence Investment Management Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Zhongshan City Elephant Sculpture Art Co Ltd (ZCESA), on April 3, signed an agreement to introduce state-of-the art 3D imaging technology which enables the construction of digitalised three-dimensional models in Red Carpet@i-City, Malaysia's first All-Star interactive wax museum.

The strategic alliance paves the way for Red Carpet@i-City to acquire and bring the 3D imaging technology owned by Guangdong Great Silence Investment to Malaysia, and also entails the acquisition of new wax exhibits with enhanced interactive features such as voice, motion, sound effects and theatrical backdrops.

Tan Sri Lim Kim Hong, Executive Chairman of I-Berhad, master developer of i-City, told Malaysian journalists this new technology would enable university students to open their minds to more innovations.

"In conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2014, foreign visitors can feel this interesting technology," he said.

Liu Zhen, President and Chairman of ZCESA, said this is the first phrase of the partnership with i-City on 3D miniature technology, adding he looks forward to further working together with i-City.

To do a Mini-Me, a 3D scanner captures the subject in 360 degrees, with each shot capturing an image while a computer software will analyse the images and automatically generate 3D geometry which requires about 10 minutes. The camera can capture every wrinkle and strand of the subject’s hair.

The computer will then stitch the various images together to render a 3D digital model of the subject, which is then printed layer by layer in composite powder.

Generally, two days are required for processing or editing of each full body, and the stored data will be used to process and poly-sculpt the Mini-Me, which is a near-perfect likeness of the subject, in full colour.

Red Carpet@i-City, set up at a cost of RM25 million, has been acknowledged by the Malaysia Book of Records as the country's first and biggest wax museum.

It is also among the Visit Malaysia Year 2014 attractions.