Windows Phone 8.1 update could be released on April 14th

Last update: 04/04/2014

A tech review by Yuneswari Muniandy

Microsoft officially announced that Windows Phone 8.1 update on April 14th. Windows Phone 8.1 offers a ton of new features including a notification center, Microsoft’s personal digital assistant Cortana, the ability to customize your home screen with any icon, and other modifications to the UI.

While the release of Windows Phone 8.1 later this month is officially intended for developers creating apps and software for the updated operating system, regular Windows fans will be able to test it out for themselves as well using any smartphone running Windows Phone 8.

Of course, there’s a slight risk involved if choose to download the novel software; just like with early development versions of any major software update and may encounter a few bugs. Anyone with a Windows Phone 8 handset will be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1.

-- Bernama