Microsoft offering Windows at no cost for Smartphones and Tablets

Last update: 03/04/2014

A review by Yuneswari Muniandy

Microsoft corporations has informed that Windows is going to be free of charge for smartphones and tablets forward customers as it looks onward to make more of an impact on those fast-rising markets with screens smaller than 9 inches announced at its developer's conference in San Francisco.

A license fee will still apply for business devices. "Microsoft is facing challenges on the mobile and tablet fronts and need to change their strategy to move the growth needle, this is a good and logical first step," said Daniel Ives, an analyst at FBR Capital Markets.

Microsoft officially announced it has developed a voice activated phone assistant feature called Cortana, a direct competitor to Apple's Siri. The Cortana service, which can get verbal instructions to explore the Web, set alerts, make calls and a horde of other actions, is still in beta testing but will soon be a standard feature on Windows phones, said Belfiore.

Joe Belfiore announced that the latest version of Microsoft's smartphone software, called Windows Phone 8.1, will be rolled out to buyers as a downloadable upgrade in the next few months and new phones running the software will be in stores by late April or early May.