EMAS Squad Championed Cheerleading Interest Among Youth

Last update: 31/03/2014

By Nas Alia Abdul Nasir

KUALA LUMPUR -- Cheerleading requires a high level of fitness and the ability to synchronize one’s movements which includes several elements like dancing, jumping, cheering, tumbling and acrobatics.

Participants take pride in being called cheerleaders.

In cheerleading the more stunts performed, the better. Physical formations such as the 'kick double full toss', 'fill up liberty’ and 'double down' are some of the difficult maneuvers involved in cheerleading.

Originating from the U.S. the sport is increasingly popular among youths in Malaysia. More and more schools and colleges have formed their own cheerleading teams. One of the more popular ones is the Extreme Malaysia All Stars (EMAS) cheerleading team.

Established in 2006, the EMAS is the first Malaysian cheer leading team to compete in the British Cheerleading Championship in Nottingham UK. There are 40 cheerleaders – male and female, in the team.

Jude Benjamin who is the former vice president of The National Cheerleading Governing Body is the team adviser while founding members Assraf Nasir and Syafiq Sabrishare duty as team leaders.

Many in the team have just stared their tertiary education while some have just started working but every one of them are committed to the team and find time to attend the training sessions which are held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Taman Shamelin, Cheras.

The squad has gained a podium finish in many cheerleading competitions, their most recent being the winner in the Pom Dance category in the Charm Cheerleading Championships held in August 2013, which was organised by the National Cheerleading Governing Body.

According to Syafiq, like any other physical sports, minor injuries do happen during training, but thus far nothing really serious has occurred since team members give top priority to safety.

EMAS wants to help promote cheerleading as a sport among youths in Malaysia and hope the authorities will provide a suitable platform for cheerleaders to pursue their passion for the sport.

To find EMAS Cheerleading on media social, search their Instagram account by browsing the hash tag #emascheerleading #cheeremas. They can be contacted at emascheerleading@gmail.com.