Odawara Tourism streams maiden online event at Japanese Castle, Sept 13

Last update: 05/08/2020

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 5 -- Odawara Tourism Co Ltd in Odawara city, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan will hold the first online event at a Japanese Castle. 

The ‘Noh’ performance, titled ‘Japanese Noh Theater at Odawara Castle 'Aoi no Ue'--The Tale of Genji’ will be streamed on Sept 13.

According to a statement, the performance will feature Kanze-style Shite-kata (the main role) played by Kanze Yoshimasa, a famous Noh actor who appears in many Noh performances worldwide.

Before and after the Noh programme, a Japanese taiko (drum) show, ‘Hojo Daiko’ will be performed by a local group alongside the ninja show ‘FUMA NINJA Legend of ODAWARA’ which was well received in Vietnam last year, to make the event even more exciting.

Those who have purchased tickets will be provided with manuals in multiple languages which can be downloaded in advance. Viewers can enjoy the sensational world and deepness of Noh from their home anywhere in the world without any language barriers. 

Viewing archives will be available for three days until Sept 15. Ticket sales period begins on Aug 5 to Sept 16 with the price of JPY1,000. (JPY100 = RM3.986)

More details at https://amazingodawara-noh.zaiko.io/_item/328862.