Disabilities not a hindrance to score excellent results in SPM

Last update: 06/03/2020

KUCHING, March 5 – Being visually impaired did not stop Teng Siew Wei from becoming one of Sarawak’s top scorers in the 2019 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination.

Although she had to use a magnifying glass to study, the student of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Maradong Bintangor, Sarikei, who has been suffering from visual impairment since she was 12 managed to score 6A+s, 2As and 1A-,

“It is beyond my expectation to get this result and I'm so proud of it. It proves that disability is never a barrier for me to achieve success," said the youngest of three siblings.

Teng said due to her condition, she had to put in extra effort compared to her sighted peers and spent about five hours a day to do revision.

“I am so grateful to my teachers and classmates for their understanding and always helping me out,” she said.

Aspiring to be a teacher, Teng said she never thought that she would end up permanently visually impaired even after undergoing two surgeries to treat her poor eyesight problem.

IN JOHOR BAHRU, disability is not an obstacle to success for Teo Guo En when he managed to obtain 10As and 1B.

The 18-year-old boy of SMK Tun Habab, Kota Tinggi who is unable to turn his head without completely turning his upper body said he always determined not to let the disability defeat him.

Teo said although he had to use special book support which was designed by his uncle to prevent his head from moving into a head-down position, it never deterred him from going to school and staying focused in class.

“I need to stay focused and give full attention while I was in class as well as regularly revising the notes given by teachers. I also attended tuition classes,” he told Bernama at the SPM Excellence Awards Ceremony at SMK Mutiara Rini near here today.

Teo who suffers from the condition due to injuries that he sustained when he was 13 was also named as the state-level SPM Excellence Award recipient for the disabled category.

The award was presented by Johor Education director Azman Adnan.