Physical disability not a hindrance to earning a living

Last update: 08/01/2020

MACHANG, Jan 8 -- Although both his hands were deformed since birth, this has not stopped Rahim Yusoff from supporting his family by raising beef cattle.

While living with the disability had not been easy, Rahim, 54, from Kampung Bukit Pangkal Gong Pulai Chondong, had always been determined not to rely on others for his livelihood. 

According to Rahim he started the small-scale livestock venture with an initial capital of RM2,500 when he bought a pregnant cow from a cattle breeder in Machang town six years ago.

“Last year, I managed to sell 10 cows which were offered as sacrifice for the Hari Raya Aidiladha celebration. They were sold at between RM2,500 and RM3,700 each.

“With the income, I am able to support  my family-of-five instead of living on sympathy and depending on others for assistance,” he told reporters when met at his home here today.

Currently, Rahim has five cows to care for, three of which are his own while the other two are under the sharecropping (pawah) system, including one from the Kelantan Veterinary Services Department (JPV).

“To prevent deadly infectious diseases such as the foot-and-mouth disease I will ensure that the animals get the necessary injections from the veterinary department at least once every six months.

“Apart from feeding them with pellets which cost RM31 for 50kg and could only last for three days, I will also release them at the nearby padi fields in the morning and afternoon,” he said.

Though it had not been easy raising the cattle with the use of just his lower limbs, Rahim said he had been cleaning the barn and feeding the cattle all by himself.

“The cattle are already tame and they are used to their daily routine. They seem to understand my situation which makes it easier for me to control them even from a distance.

“However, it can be challenging at times as the animals do have their moods and may turn aggressive especially during the mating season, but I have learned to calm them down by stroking their heads,” he said.

According to Rahim he used to rear ducks, but the major flood tragedy in 2014 caused him to suffer losses of about RM15,000 when he lost 400 ducks in the floods.

“Although my efforts then were in vain, it did not break my spirit to continue working. That was when I ventured into cattle raising,” he said.

Rahim hoped that his efforts and perseverance would serve as an inspiration to others with physical disabilities to keep striving to earn their own living.