CES 2020: Sharp to leverage 8K+5G ecosystem

Last update: 06/01/2020

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 6 -- Sharp Corporation is set to return to CES 2020, showcasing the latest installments in its evolving ecosystem of products and services that leverage the benefits of Ultra-HD 8K video and advanced 5G wireless technology.

Sharp’s 8K+5G Ecosystem comprises end-to-end solutions for the recording, editing, storage and delivery of 8K content, with potential benefits extending to such diverse fields as industry, security, health, education, automotive as well as smart offices and homes.

One much-anticipated addition to a constantly expanding portfolio is the new dynabook 8K video editing PC system, which with its 15.6-inch screen will provide a compact, convenient, prosumer-ready platform for viewing and processing of 8K materials.

Meanwhile, striking examples of Sharp’s 8K+5G Ecosystem on display at CES 2020 will include a drone-mounted system developed, in conjunction with various external stakeholders for the real-time capture and transmission of 8K footage for purposes including racehorse training and infrastructure surveys. 

It is one of various cross-disciplinary collaborations currently undergoing trials in order to bring the practical benefits of 8K and 5G directly to businesses and consumers.

More details at https://global.sharp/brand/globalevents/ces2020/