NSI to explore collaboration opportunities with companies, foreign sports institutes in 2020

Last update: 25/12/2019

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 25 -- The National Sports Institute (NSI) plans to collaborate with several foreign sports institutes for exchange of expertise in sports sciences, especially from the Asian and European continents, next year. 

According to NSI chief executive officer, Ahmad Faedzal Md Ramli, he was impressed with the technology and sports science expertise showcased at the Association of Sports Institutes in Asia (ASIA) Congress in Qatar, in early November, which gathered sports science experts from the Asian region.

"We will continue to take the approach of collaborating with them in the area of information, expertise and technology exchange in terms of the improvement of sports science among the Asian countries.

"In Europe, we have the opportunity to collaborate with similar sports institutes, such as the English Institute of Sports in Ireland, we would explore the collaboration opportunities in the same field (sports science)," he told Bernama recently.

At the same time, Ahmad Faedzal noted that NSI had made the United States a benchmark as the country has technology, sports science medicine and commercialisation of the best sports products in the world.

Taking College of Sports Arena in the United States as an example, the college was the best benchmark as it's like a business centre, which also sells sports-related products that generate revenue for the college and created job opportunities for residents around the area.

"We will bring the idea in the 12th Malaysia Plan (RMK12) (2021-2025) and NSI itself will commence these new ideas to boost the Malaysian sports industry.

"For example, to commercialise the university's sports in Malaysia as a strategy for us to create a new industry, which could provide opportunities for the youth as well as generate revenue for the university and penetrate new markets for local brands," said Ahmad Faedzal.

NSI is an agency under the Youth and Sports Ministry, which leads excellence in science, medicine and technology in sports in the country.