Activist calls on the public to learn sign language

Last update: 22/12/2019

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 22  -- Activist for the hearing-impaired, Amir Hamidi Abdul Manan, today called on society to learn sign language as this will make communication with such special needs individuals easier and serve to encourage them.

Amir Hamidi who is also hearing-impaired and is the deputy president of the Malaysian Sign Language and Deaf Studies Association, said such a move would help prevent the marginalisation of hearing-impaired individuals from everyday activities in society.

He said this today at an awareness-raising campaign on the hearing-impaired, organised by the Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD) and the Nu Sentral shopping centre here.

Speaking as a panelist during a session titled 'Children of Deaf Adults - Issues, Challenges and Needs' with the support of a sign language interpreter, Amir Hamidi said sign language needs to be expanded and developed so that normal members of society are well-versed in it as it is a language of communication. 

He added that technology today had made the learning of sign language easier.