'Comic Fiesta' platform to showcase local talents

Last update: 22/12/2019

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 22-- Fans of anime, comic and games (ACG) have been eagerly waiting for ‘Comic Fiesta’, the biggest ACG event held at the end of each year.

For Comic Fiesta did not disappoint as more talents in the AGC industry are appearing, among them web-comic curator Nixon Siow who is known for his production of the ‘Crazy Rich Guy, Japanese voice actress Mariko Honda and many others.

Comic Fiesta director Sdn Bhd Lim Chin Hwa said each year the number of visitors is increasing and it is estimated 60,000 enthusiasts would be jamming Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre this year to visit the 400 exhibition booths and activities held.

“The convention is the largest in Southeast Asia, it is a platform for local artistes to market their creations directly to fans and to promote the ACG culture.   

“Initially, the ACG fiesta could only draw less than 100 people as many were not aware of the sector. However, as the years go by, more and more people were hooked to ACG , thus making the convention grew  bigger and bigger,” he told Bernama.

Lim added that Comic Fiesta is a medium for fans to gather globally.

Among the local stars attending is Metronomik chief executive officer, Wan Hazmer Wan Abd Halim, 39,  who well-known for his production of play-station 4,  would be sharing his experience in the ACG industry at the function.

“My objective in building the company here is to develop local video games. In Malaysia there is quite a big pool of talent but they need the right expose such as this convention.

“So Comic Fiesta is very helpful in promoting video games produced by local people,” he said.

Metronomik is the company which produced ‘No Straight Roads’ video game based on adventure with actions and great music.

In this regard, there is also a solo cosplay: 60-second of anything competition at Comic Fiesta where participants have to dressed up like their animation character on stage for 60 seconds and would be evaluated based on their costumes as well as creativity.

Comic Fiesta which began yesterday will end today.