North China's Xilingol League celebrates colourful, passionate winter

Last update: 17/12/2019

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 17 -- The Mongolian Nadam Fair took place in Xilingol League in north China, extending the burning passion of summer to winter, which spreads in the ice and snow.

According to a statement by The Publicity Department of Xilingol League, the snow-white grassland seems to be the background board, making the flower-like festival costumes even more impressive.

Moreover, during the winter ice and snow Nadam Fair, which begins every December, local men will perform the exciting three skills, namely horse racing, archery and wrestling.

In addition, the Mongolian morning tea and milk, sour mare milk, hand-held meat, mutton hotpot, stone barbecue, air-dried meat and butter roll also capture palate and warms the whole winter.

The Xilingol Mongolian set meal definitely makes up the most delicious part of the harsh winter life, as it contains local delicacy and warmth for a cozy winter.