Speedy recovery for sports-related injuries with deep tissue laser therapy

Last update: 13/11/2019

Exclusive report by Maizatul Jamny Muhammad Rosli

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 13  -- For every athlete, being in peak physical and physiological condition is necessary when participating in sporting events. 

However, suffering a sports injury can be devastating as it does not only cause physical pain, but also consumes a lot of time for the recovery process.

This is where deep tissue laser therapy (DTLT) - a surgery-free, drug-free, and non-invasive modality - comes to the rescue where it also enhances pain management, prevents inflammation, and promises faster healing time.

According to the founder of Lightheal Pain Relief (Lightheal), Sandra De’ Cruz, DTLT applies a technology called photobiomodulation process, which uses light energy to stimulate the healing process quickly and the treatment guaranteed 99 percent success.

The laser technology is clinically proven to heal sports injuries in less than half the time as compared with other conventional physiotherapy treatments because the photon energy penetrates deeply into tissue to accelerate cellular reproduction and activates growth factors.

“Let’s say if a compound fracture takes around 90 days to heal, then with DTLT, you only need 30 days for recovery,” she told Bernama in an exclusive interview recently.

“For instance, a golf player suffers a lower back problem, spinal issues, and shoulder issues because of the way they rotate their body during a swing. If you start golfing in your early years, within 10 to 15 years your body damage could be at least 30 percent higher than of a normal person.

“So, this treatment will delay the damage and ageing process of the body parts that are associated with the sports, thus, prolonging one’s sports career than the average athlete,” she said, adding that the recovery time also depends on the type of injury.

On the possible side effect after the treatment, De’ Cruz explained that DTLT has zero side effects as it uses light energy and the body would only absorb what it needs. Therefore, the damaged tissues will stop absorbing the light when they have achieved a healthy level.

Apart from faster healing time, she said the laser therapy also helps athletes to take their performance to the next level, where Malaysian athletes can benefit from by competing with other athletes.

“This technology has already been used by top Olympic athletes, they are already extensively benefiting from it. Why not Malaysia? The technology is here, you don't have to go out of the country to get this treatment,” De’ Cruz said.

Lighheal is one of the first physiotherapy clinics in Malaysia to offer DTLT and there are plans to branch out to eight other centres within the next 12 months.

Besides sports injuries, the treatment focuses on everyday pain management, individuals who have undergone surgeries and individuals with acute or chronic conditions.

The main categories of conditions are degenerative diseases, neurological disorders, bone fractures, wound healing, post invasive trauma and post routine procedures for rehabilitation.