PJ community embraces zero waste-concept store

Last update: 11/11/2019

PETALING JAYA, Nov 11 -- The concept of a store with no packaging or zero-waste is still new here and yet it has been well-received by the local community.

According to Cheryl Anne Low, 40, the owner of Nude, the Zero Waste Store, which sells various household items without packaging, her shop has been operating for just over a year and the response was good.

“Customers need to bring their own containers or bottles for the items they intend to purchase such as food, skincare, fragrances and detergents.

“Through this concept it can change the mindset to reduce the daily waste,” she told Bernama recently.

She said her customers could also buy the items according to their needs.

“There is no minimum limit purchase. For the purchase, all items need to be weighed. For example, if a customer only needs a spoonful of olive oil, they just need to weigh the oil and pay according to their purchase, there is no obligation to buy the whole bottle (of olive oil),” she said.

Low, and her business partner Wilson Chin, 34, mooted the idea to open the store after coming across a video of a plastic straw being painfully extracted from the nostril of a sea turtle several years ago, which sparked a desire in them to protect the environment.

Their plastic-free concept store opened in August last year, with nearly 50 walk-in customers daily.

“Customers reception has been very positive and fun because they felt like shopping at the grocery store of the past era before the existence of plastic bags,” she said.

Apart from that, she explained that the goods in the store consisted of those that chemical-free as well as homemade products.

She also refuted the claims that items from the zero-waste store would be more expensive as the prices of the goods were based on its weight and the items last longer.

On the supply, Low said: “We prefer products from the local suppliers because of they are of good quality and easier to manage without packaging. For example, for soaps, we do not need their boxes, we only need to send our container to obtain the soaps from the supplier.”

She also expressed her hope that the community to realise that nearly 90 per cent of our daily waste were non-recyclable.