Education 4.0 will set new trends in higher learning

Last update: 07/11/2019

PUTRAJAYA, Nov 7 -- Accelerated remote learning and personalised learning are among the new trends of education in Industry Revolution (IR) 4.0 or education 4.0 era, said Higher Education Department director-general Datuk Dr Siti Hamisah Tapsir. 

She said other new trends that could be implemented in the higher education curricula include project-based learning, field-specific experience, data analysis and changes in exam pattern and assessment. 

"Education 4.0 needs to align with IR 4.0 and prepare students for the next industrial revolution which will happen in their lifetime," she said in her speech at the opening of the Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Stakeholders' Forum here today. 

 Siti Hamisah said educational paradigms need to be revisited and focus on the areas that need rethinking in today's new world of fast-changing technology and information overload. 

"Students need to be trained and not only taught. Information needs to be made accessible and students need to learn how to find it rather than the teacher offering it to them in a rigid structure," she added.

The forum, organised by Universiti Malaysia Pahang and the Higher Education Department, aimed to bring together practitioners, researchers and field experts to discuss MOOC quality issues and challenges in the 21st century of e-learning landscape.