Taylor's University wins Bursa Malaysia National Investment Debate Challenge 2019

Last update: 06/11/2019

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 6  -- Taylor’s University Debaters have won Bursa Malaysia Berhad’s National Investment Debate Challenge 2019 after defeating International Islamic University Malaysia’s IIUM 2 where they contended for the motion ‘Market sentiment affects share prices more than business performance’.

Taylor’s Debaters’ Aiman Zuhaily Iwan Azlan, Deepan Ramanesh Kumar and Mahherrajan Narayanan walked away with the top prize of RM9,000, meanwhile, first runner-up IIUM 2 received RM6,000 in cash.

The second National Investment Debate Challenge, which kicked off in conjunction with World Investor Week (WIW), is an annual competition specially designed for undergraduates from universities across Malaysia.

Chief Executive Officer of Bursa Malaysia, Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift said, the competition was one of the Bursa Malaysia’s financial literacy initiatives targeted at future investors, designed to stimulate interest, discussion and research among tertiary students, in order to equip them with knowledge on the capital market and to nurture a solid base of investors in the next generation.

The competition saw 16 teams from 12 universities from all over Malaysia battling it out through several rounds, covering a wide spectrum of interesting topics related to investment and the capital market.

“We designed the debate topics to be high-level and challenging, with the aim of giving the students the motivation to understand the many facets of investing and recognise how the right knowledge can help them grow wealth in the capital market responsibly,” he said in a statement.

“Our experience in organising this event also indicates to us that financial literacy can be more effective when driven in collaborative effort by all parties including the regulators, industry players and the education sector,” he added.

In addition, Muhamad Umar said that Bursa Malaysia will be launching a first-of-its-kind ‘Mirror, Learn and Trade’ platform on Bursa Marketplace later this month, offering investors a first-hand opportunity to learn how licensed investment advisers manage and strategise a stock portfolio.

He said, through the platform, millennials and young people can learn to trade in the stock market with confidence.

Bursa Malaysia also supports the Bursa Young Investor Club (BYIC), an initiative in collaboration with tertiary education institutions to create a platform for students to increase their investment awareness and knowledge through personal development programmes.

To date, a total of 26 BYICs have been established across the nation and the programmes include leadership bootcamps, investment workshops, webinar series and the BYIC challenge game.