Azizulhasni pleased with two medals in ACC

Last update: 23/10/2019

SEPANG, Oct 22  -- National cycling ace Mohd Azizulhasni Awang considers his two-medal win at the Asian Track Cycling championships in South Korea very satisfying as it was achieved after overcoming several hurdles.

Azizulhasni said he was pleased with his gold medal feat in the sprint, his 10th title at the Asian level, and the silver medal win in the keirin.

Just four weeks before the championships, the 31-year-old cyclist fractured his right index finger during training and had to undergo minor surgery.

And in the keirin event, his ride was affected after he was involved in an accident with an Indian rider.

“I am thankful for my 10th individual win (in sprint), considering that just four weeks earlier I was involved in an accident during training and had to undergo minor surgery.

“Although it was a minor operation, the rehabilitation process was quite difficult because I found it hard to hold the bicycle handle. My training was affected but I accepted it. On arrival there, I was involved in an accident in the keirin after colliding with an Indian cyclist.

“Despite losing in round one of sprint, I persevered in search of gold because I missed it in the keirin. Mental strength was crucial in the final,” he said when met at klia2 tonight on his return from South Korea.

The Pocket Rocketman is looking forward to three more World Cup series, in Hong Kong, New Zealand and Brisbane, to collect more ranking points for Tokyo Olympics qualification.

In the men’s individual sprint in South Korea, Azizulhasni beat Japan’s Yuta Wakimoto 2-1 in the final.