Pasar Bunohan a place where races mingle in Tumpat

Last update: 10/10/2019

By Rohaiza Ab. Rahman

TUMPAT, Oct 9 -- It is the friendly attitude of Pasar Bunohan traders that constantly draws customers of various races to the market.

What is more interesting is most of the Malay traders at the market located about 18-kilometre from Kota Bharu are able to speak in Siamese language.

A fish seller who wanted to be known as Kak Yah, 56, said her ability to speak in Siamese language not only had made it a point for her to attract customers but also helped her forge a close relationship with fellow Siamese market traders.

 "After doing business here for almost 20 years, I can speak the language. I used to listen to (the Siamese traders) speak daily. Eventually, I managed to pick up the language," she told Bernama today.

Kak Yah said she also considered her fellow Siamese traders as her own family as they had been doing business together at the market for a long time.

"We are like a big family, we have no differences," she said.

Vegetable seller Mek Kwan, 70, said it was never a problem for her to share the same lot with a Malay trader who had now become her best friend.

She said she and her best friend Che Sopiah Awang, 70, always supported and helped each other in carrying out their business.

 "We like to joke around...the market is not just a place for us to make a living but also to share many stories," she said.

A customer Mek Kenoi Denpin, 66, said Pasar Bunohan had become a choice for most Siamese people to get their essential goods as it was located near a Siamese village in Kampung Jubakar Darat.

“The market is not only a place for us to buy our household items but also a 'meeting point' for us to gather and mingle around," she said.