Joker 2019 sparks great review in social media

Last update: 03/10/2019


KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 3  -- The Joker is more than just an arch-enemy of Batman, he is also one of the most iconic villains when it comes to comics.

The latest Warner Bros. movie Joker which opens in Malaysian cinemas today has already captivated netizens who have been sharing raving reviews for one of the must watch movies of the year.

It is also being highlighted as the top 10 trending topics in twitter for Malaysia, even Forbes reviewed it as ‘One Of The Best Film in 2019’.

Many praised Joaquin Phoenix's fantastic portrayal as the latest ‘Clown Prince’ of Gotham and its director Todd Phillips giving a new vibe for the famous villain with some labeling the movie as a ‘masterpiece’.

Aaquib Ahmad in his Twitter post stated: “Joker review-A mind blown, everyone's acting, not even single bad performance in the entire movie (especially Joaquin phoenix), soundtracks and sound mixing, cinematography all thumbs up.

Nelson Acosta stated: “#Joker is fantastic and its message is very clear. Who would have thought that the prince of crime would be such a juicy role for actors.

Even the famous IMDb movie rating website rates the movie as 9.4 out of 10.