A.R Badul accepts son's death as test from God

Last update: 04/09/2019

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 4 -- Veteran actor and comedian A.R Badul has accepted the death of his son as a test from God.

Major Mohd Zahir Armaya, 36, died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah at 9.20 am after he was shot during a demonstration exercise at the Lok Kawi army camp.

A.R Badul, whose real name is Armaya Aman Ramlie said he was shocked when he was informed by his daughter-in-law about the incident.

“I received the news this morning and was shocked and sad. But I take it as a test from Allah.

“We were very close and he had contacted and met me before. I was told that the bullet went a little further than the bullet-proof plaque and hit his body,” he said when contacted.

Mohd Zahir was taking part in the demonstration held in conjunction with the launching of the 5th Division of the Malaysian Infantry and 13th Malaysian Infantry Brigade at the camp.

He was with the commando unit based in the Sungai Udang army camp in Melaka.

Mohd Zahir, who was from Kuala Lumpur, is survived by a widow and five children aged between five months and nine.

His body is expected to be brought to the Wardieburn camp in Setapak here for funeral prayers before he is laid to rest in Tambun, Perak tomorrow morning.