Dr Nur Amalina trending for her good deed

Last update: 12/06/2019

KUALA LUMPUR, June 12 (Bernama) -- Malaysian trainee surgeon Dr Nur Amalina Che Bakri is trending on social media for her good deed for baby Ainul Mardhiah Ahmad Safiuddin.

The successful surgery to remove the 200gm tumour from the nine-month-old baby’s mouth at a children’s hospital in London, carried out through her initiative, went viral yesterday.

She was eighth in Twitter top tweet, receiving approximately 44,500 tweets as at 1pm.  

Twitter users congratulated and thanked her for the success of the operation and her assistance to bring Ainul Mardhiah and her parents to London for the operation.

Popular celebrity Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor through her Twitter account, @Neelofa expressed gratitude over the successful operation and prayed for Ainul Mardhiah’s fast recovery.

“Alhamdulillah, what great news! Speedy recovery Ainul and thank you to the great team and Dr Amalina behind this effort!”

TV3 Malaysia correspondent in the United Kingdom, Haliza Hashim (@HalizaTV3London) expressed her gratitude to Dr Nur Amalina for her effort to bring the family to London.

“Over the years I have done many stories on @DrAmalinaBakri. What a challenge to bring baby #ainulmardhiah to London. So proud of you, doc!” she tweeted.

A Twitter user, @Haziq_Escobar also mentioned the operation and congratulated Dr Nur Amalina for her tremendous effort.

“Thanks to Dr Amalina Bakri, baby Ainul successfully went through the tumour removal operation. In time they’ll know if the cancer will be in remission or not. Great job by the doctors and public who donated. People with big hearts are truly heaven-sent,” he said.

Another Twitter user, @princessfazriyn said: “Dr Amalina is trending now. Malaysians, let us take a moment to appreciate her sacrifices from nothing to something that is so meaningful for Ainul’s family (and also to us, Malaysians). Dr Amalina deserves to be called a ‘superwoman’.”

Meanwhile, netizens flooded Dr Nur Amalina’s Instagram account with congratulatory messages and warm comments on the successful operation.

Actress Catriona Norhayati Ross Bahrin Ross through her Instagram account (catrionabrianross) posted: “Alhamdulillah…well done Dr Amalina & team.”

Dermatologist Dr Shaaira Nasir praised Dr Nur Amalina on her achievement to save the baby.

“Amazing work. Can’t wait to see her progress and development from now on. Alhamdulillah,” she said on Dr Nur Amalina’s Instagram status.

Yesterday, Ainul Mardhiah’s father informed on his Facebook account that Ainul was awake and being treated at the intensive care unit to ensure she was stable before being transferred to a normal ward later. 

Today, he posted a video of Ainul Mardhiah trying to respond to her mother lovingly talking to her. 

News of the child’s condition had gone viral on social media before Dr Nur Amalina’s assistance came.

Malaysian Airlines contributed a free flight for the baby and her parents.